Caroline Morrison

The Fiction Kitchen  | Raleigh, NC

The Fiction Kitchen, in downtown Raleigh’s Arts & Warehouse district, is one of the only 100% vegan/vegetarian restaurants in the Capital City. Its mission: thoughtful, creative and approachable vegetarian cuisine prepared with the freshest seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients.

Caroline is a North Carolina native who discovered her passion for cooking partly out of frustration from being vegetarian in the South. She knew there was an abundance of produce within the region, but dining options seemed lackluster, cursory and often made from canned or frozen products. This propelled her to earn her culinary degree and begin experimenting with pop-up events hosted with partner/co-owner, Siobhan Southern. Together, they opened The Fiction Kitchen in January 2013. Caroline and The Fiction Kitchen team are thrilled to bring their innovative, delicious cuisine to the Triangle while doing their part to support community initiatives, local economy and philanthropic causes.

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Carolina is participating in the Hill Fire dinner on 10/18.